Cement Mill
Vertical Roller Cement Mill is a new type roller mill developed and designed by Sinoma-tec, which is specifically used for the final grinding of cement. The grinding table lining plate and the grinding roller sleeve is made by wear-resistant surfacing material, while the blades of the air separator are made of special high-quality wear-resistant plate , to minimize equipment wear and maintenance time, meanwhile to improve equipment operation rate. The high efficiency air separator of dynamic and static combined type can guarantee that the cement specific surface area will be adjusted within a reasonable range, and the finished cement products have suitable size distribution. By controlling the inner temperature, the grinding mill can ensure a proper dehydration of gypsum in cement.

Vertical Cement Mill Data Sheet
Type Dia of Table
Installation Power
Max. Feeding Size
TRMK50 5000 5300 80 200
TRMK45 4500 4000 50 150~160
TRMK32 3200 1600 50 55~60
  NOTES: Fineness: 3300~3800c/g, R80µm1%,R45µm8%