Coal Mill
To meet market demand, Sinoma-tec has developed Vertical Roller Coal Mill and Vertical Roller Mill for Desulfurization. In 2004, the first Vertical Roller Coal Mill was put into operation, while in 2006, the first limestone mill was successfully put into operation. Judging from the operation data, the design targets were met and even exceeded the design indices. Thus, our products are wildly used in the cement, electricity, metallurgy, chemical engineering, coal industries and so on.

Vertical Coal Mill Data Sheet
Model Dia of Table
Installation Power
Max. Feeding Size
TRMC36.4 3600 1250 50 65~85
TRMC31.3 3100 1000 50 60~70
TRMC28.3 2800 710 50 40~50
TRMC23.3 2300 640 50 35~45
TRMC20.3 2000 440 40 25~30
TRMC20.2 2000 335 40 20~25
  NOTES: Raw Coal Feed Moisture15%; Outlet Moisture1.0%;Fineness R80µm=10%~15%(bituminous coal), R80µm=1%~5%(anthracite),Raw Coal Grindability of Coal Inlet HGI=45~80