S-Type Grate Cooler
S-type grate cooler is another latest clinker cooler of sinoma-tec.
Product Features
●Modular design, Convenient installation and maintenance, easy replacement of spare parts.
●Lower equipment height reduces the height of the sintering system and saved the investment.
●Grate bed completely without leakage ,eliminates the ash hooper, ash conveying equipment and pit.
●Clinker moves along the S shaped line to make homogenization and save energy.
●Reasonable distribution of air supply, reduce air flow pressure to improve the cooling efficiency, save energy
●Fewer specification for the wearing parts, can be quickly replaced, save maintenance cost
The main technical performance indicators:
unit area yield                     44~47t/m2.d
unit cooling air flow           1.8~1.9Nm3/kg.cl
heat exchange efficiency         ≥75%
discharge temperature           65℃+ambient temperature


S-Type Grate Cooler Data Sheet
Type Unit Area Output Unit cooling air volume Thermal efficiency clinker heat consumption reduction The unit cooling power consumption ratio Construction Cost ratio Maintain cost ratio
t/m2d Nm3/kg cl kcal/kg cl
Third-Generation 3842 1.9~2.2 70±2   100% 100% 100%
Fourth-generation 4446 1.7~1.9 >75 about 1018 80% 75% 2030