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Sinoma-tec supplied domestic biggest slag vertical mill put into production
Recently, the TRMS60.3 slag vertical mill, R&D, designed and supplied by Sinoma (Tianjin) Powder Technology Machinery Co., Ltd, has been in operation smoothly in Guangxi Yuansheng Slag  Comprehensive Utilization Co., LTD. reaching its design criteria.  This new domestic biggest slag vertical mill, adopted a number of patent technology which independent research and development by Sinoma-tec. the TRMS60.3 slag vertical mill was in stable operation since production, all design specification are reaching or higher than the contract, production capacity on dry base204 t/h,  13.3% higher than contract output of 180 t/h, product fineness reaches 480-500 / kg, higher than contract required 480 / kg, it fully meet the contract technical requirements of high fineness ores powder. This mill runs very smoothly and you can hardly feel the mill operation beside it, the horizontal and vertical vibration are less than 0.6 mm/s, The TRMS60.3 system resistance is small, inside the mill differential pressure is less than 2800 pa.
The success of this TRMS60.3 slag vertical mill in operation marked Sinoma-tec again on a new step in design and manufacture of large slag vertical mill in China.
From the beginning of the contract, Sinoma (Tianjin) Powder Technology Machinery Co., Ltd faced tight time, heavy task, and difficulties, thanks to the team work and based on its strong R&D and patents of Sinoma-tec solved every issues from design, manufacture, installation and commission, completed the project smooth, highly appreciated and won FAC by the owner.